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Can Indonesian transit in Singapore now?

Yes. However, customers are reminded to ensure that they meet all requirements of their flight itinerary, which may include both transit and entry requirements to their final destination.

Can you sleep at Singapore airport?

If you are wondering if you can sleep at Singapore airport, the answer is yes. What is this? Changi Airport has many comfortable spots to pick from when it comes to sleeping in this airport. In the transit area, you can find transit hotels, snooze lounges, and hundreds of comfortable and modern chairs.

Is Seletar airport open to public?

Current operations

Seletar Airport now operates as a general aviation airport, mainly for chartered flights, private aircraft operations and training purposes. The airport is open 24 hours a day.

Do I need PCR test to transit in Singapore?

Singapore does not require COVID-19 tests, travel visas or entry approvals for transit travellers. However, travellers who transit in Changi must have their checked-in luggage tagged-through from the origin airport to their final destination.

Can I travel to Indonesia now?

All international travelers may still be able to enter Indonesia without the COVID-19 registration. If you are Indonesian citizen and have gotten the full COVID-19 vaccination overseas, the vaccination record will be verified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Can I enter Singapore now?


Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PRs) can enter Singapore from any overseas country/region without an Entry Approval.

Can I shower at Changi Airport?

Whether you’re looking for a place to take a nap, freshen up with a shower, get a workout in a gym, or simply want to pamper yourself with a massage, you can enjoy all these facilities and services for a fee.

Can I shower at Singapore airport?

Rejuvenate after your long flight. Visit our paid lounges for shower facilities, nail care, foot reflexology and massage therapies. Charges apply for both lounge access and services.

Can I shower at the airport?

Not all airports have shower facilities but I think all major airports do. Some are available to anyone and some are only available in the lounges.

Can I transit through Singapore Covid?

Under the government’s transit travel rules, passengers who arrive in Changi and plan to depart on a different airline, must have both flights booked in the same booking itinerary. Passengers must also have their checked-in luggage tagged-through from the origin airport to their final destination.

Does Singapore Airlines require Covid test?

I understand a Covid-19 pre-departure test is required within two days of the scheduled flight departure for travellers entering Singapore.

Can Emirates transit through Singapore?

Passengers can now transit within 48 hours via Singapore between Emirates (EK) and Jetstar Asia (3K), Jetstar (JQ), Garuda (GA), Bangkok Airways (PG), Qantas (QF), Fiji Airways (FJ) flights as long as the journey is between the cities listed below.

Can Singaporeans return to Singapore now?

They may enter Singapore by default via the Returning Singapore Citizen & Permanent Resident Lane, which is a non-VTL arrangement where prevailing measures such as Stay Home Notice (SHN) may apply if recent travel history includes non-Category (I) countries/regions.

Who can travel to Singapore?

Under the VTL, fully vaccinated travellers from Australia (Singapore citizens, PRs, Long-Term Pass Holders and foreign nationals) can enter Singapore without having to serve Stay-Home Notice, for all purposes of travel and just need to undergo COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing.